Klima stands with Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is threatening our democracies and millions of lives. Here’s what our team is doing to help — and how you can support those most in need right now.

Like many of you, our team has closely followed the events unfolding in Ukraine. These continue to affect our friends there, as well as the families of colleagues in Poland and Belarus. 

We condemn this war and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as well as anyone fighting for peace.

As refugees continue to arrive in our own home city Berlin and elsewhere, our team has already taken action to support those affected by this conflict — and we want to share a few resources on how you can help where it’s most needed right now.

What we’re doing to help

At Klima, we've volunteered to help ship supplies to the front lines, opened our homes to those in need, marched in demonstrations, and been at points of arrival to welcome and assist refugees arriving in Berlin.

To help coordinate efforts, we're using our platform to share resources on where to volunteer, donate, and support, based on what we found helpful. We share what measures we take as a company that others might want to adopt. We’re encouraging our team to volunteer by letting them take a “volunteer day”. 

We’re also facilitating the exchange of experiences in the team for everyone that’s been rolling up their sleeves and got involved whether through on-the-ground or at-desk initiatives. And as a company, Klima is matching every team member’s donation, effectively doubling the amount of money raised together. 

Climate change and the war in Ukraine — where’s the link?

For everyone fighting for a liveable and peaceful future anywhere, whether in the climate movement or the peace movement, let’s never forget that fossil fuels are at the core not only of the climate emergency but most geopolitical conflicts as well. In fact, Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels continues to shape its response to the invasion of Ukraine. In Germany, a whopping 55% of gas comes from Russia. 

Only through rapid decarbonization in favor of decentralized, renewable energy can we move past the ecological and geopolitical nightmare that the age of fossil fuel has created. Overcoming our fossil fuel addiction means freeing democracies from their dependency on autocratic regimes. 

And similarly, only by ditching fossil fuels can our natural planet find balance and peace. Now more than ever, we need to act quickly and cohesively to move towards the future we want to create. And today, we must stand in solidarity with those that need our help the most.

How you can get involved

Shrinking your use of fossil fuels helps reduce dependency on oil-exporting countries like Russia and collectively sends a message to legislators. The International Energy Agency has suggested that Europeans turn down their thermostats to reduce dependency on natural gas from Russia. Driving less and switching to public transport can also help.

Donating is a great way to relieve those in need during this crisis. Here are a few high-impact organizations worth supporting:

Volunteering is another effective way to make a difference for Ukraine. Here are two resources we recommend:

  • For those looking to help within Berlin, read Urban Impact Agency’s resource page: Support for Ukrainian newcomers in Berlin.

  • For more general information on how civil support, startups, and employers can help Ukraine, consider this from Anna Ott of HV Capital.

Keeping up to date is an important part of the fight. Misinformation is spreading fast across all kinds of platforms. Be critical of the news you consume and the sources you encounter, and try not to react to information that isn’t yet verified. 

Reading independent Ukrainian publications, like The Kyiv Independent and The New Voice of Ukraine, can ensure that you receive your news from local sources. Following global leaders on Twitter for live updates is another option. You can also check live coverage from high-quality media outlets like The Guardian or The Washington Post.

Protesting peacefully is yet another way you can get involved. Around the world, people have gathered and demonstrated in support of Ukraine. If you can’t find any demonstrations near you, consider organizing your own.

Stay hopeful and keep showing your support

As the conflict in Ukraine develops, we at Klima will continue doing our part to contribute — and we encourage you to do the same. If you’re reading this, remember to stay hopeful and keep up the good work.  

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