Harnessing the Saharan Sun



The Mauritania Solar Power project is a part of something big — expanding renewable energy access in Africa. It’s the largest solar plant in the region, stretching 600,000 square meters across the Sahara, and harvesting clean, renewable energy. It powers a full 15% of the nation’s energy, keeping fossil fuels in the ground where they belong.


Verified Carbon Standard - A Verra Standard

The project in numbers

  • 15%
    of country solar powered
  • 110,000
    people access green energy
  • 156,000
    panels installed
  • 60,000
    tons of CO2e saved per year

Why did we choose this project?

Thousands are without power in Mauritania, and coal is usually a cheap and easy choice. Offsets level the playing field. Instead of expanding fossil fuel infrastructure, offsets made it possible for the local community to choose solar — displacing coal and wood and bringing power to over 100,000 people. 

This project also plants the seeds for future renewable energy facilities. It has partnered with a local university to establish a solar power engineering course, passing on knowledge and hands-on experience to the next generation.


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Ecological benefits

  • Brings new green tech into the region
  • Harnesses the power of the Saharan sun
  • Displaces fossil fuel infrastructure immediately
  • Is part of an ambitious plan to power 25% of the country through renewable sources
  • Powers a full 15% of Mauritania's energy

Social benefits

  • Over 100,000 people now have access to power
  • Renewable power education programs
  • Brings more opportunities for families across Mauritania

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