Planting Biodiverse Forests



A true tree planting pioneer, the Panama reforestation project was the first Gold Standard-certified agroforestry program in the world. What used to be degraded farmland is now turning into strong, biodiverse forests all over Panama, mixing 20 local tree species with farmed cocoa trees and sustainable timber, alongside dedicated conservation areas.


Gold Standard

The project in numbers

  • 9.2
    million trees planted
  • 2.1
    million tons of CO2 captured
  • 50+
    project locations
  • 15
    endangered species
  • 25+
    years active

Why did we choose this project?

Combining carbon offsetting with biodiverse agroforestry shows how sustainable farming practices can thrive if the right intentions and incentives are in place. With over 50 reforestation areas across the country, this project provides lasting jobs in many communities and creates new wildlife corridors between old growth forests for endangered animal species to roam and flourish.

It’s a powerful combination and why we’re proud to support this project, located in one of the world's biodiversity hotspots. They’ve demonstrated the power of offsets to not only remove harmful carbon from the atmosphere, but to restore our ecosystems and create a more equitable world.


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Ecological benefits

  • Focus on biodiversity with over 20 native tree species planted
  • 25% of project area is under special protection as a conservation area
  • Creates wildlife corridors connecting different project locations
  • Creates habitats for 15+ endangered or vulnerable animal species

Social benefits

  • Environmental education programs
  • Sustainable income for farmers
  • Supports local schools with financial programs
  • Long-term and fair employment for local communities

Additional resources

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