Concentrated Solar Power

South Africa


The award-winning South Africa solar project harvests abundantly available solar energy to generate clean and safe electricity, displacing coal-fired power plants. It also supports the community, with development projects boosting education, self-sustainability, and community well-being.


Gold Standard

The project in numbers

  • 50
    new jobs created
  • 224
    gigawatt hours produced p.a.
  • 200,000
    tons of CO2 saved per year

Why did we choose this project?

Solar energy is readily available across South Africa, but the country largely relies on coal. That’s bad for the climate and families, as it releases toxic fumes and CO2e by the ton. 

This high-tech solar power plant is changing all that. Using clean and safe methods, it captures the sun’s energy and stores it, ensuring it’s available after dark. That means fewer tons of coal burned, and less CO2e in the atmosphere. 

This project powers the nation, but also serves the local community. A portion of the project is owned by the local community and funds empowerment initiatives. That means your carbon neutral life can have a huge impact — both for the climate and the South African community.


South Africa
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Ecological benefits

  • Generates clean and safe electricity
  • Displaces coal-fired power plants
  • Reduces South Africa's dependence on fossil fuels

Social benefits

  • Provides university scholarships for local students
  • Sustainable income for farmers
  • Environmental education programs
  • Provides access to clean water
  • Improves school infrastructure and develops health facilities
  • Promotes entrepreneurship among the local community
  • Provides employment for 100 people