Community Reforestation



The Tanzania reforestation project works in partnership with local communities to transform degraded land into large forests one seedling at a time. Nearly half of the project area is dedicated to conservation while the other half is harvested sustainably as building material, locking away carbon for generations while new trees grow in their place to capture even more CO2.


Verified Carbon Standard - A Verra Standard
Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards

The project in numbers

  • 4
    villages impacted
  • 6.9
    million trees planted
  • 1,000
    families supported
  • 46%
    set aside for conservation

Why did we choose this project?

Between 1990 and 2010, Tanzania lost almost 20% of its forest cover. Projects like this help reverse that trend. It provides conservation training and distributes seedlings to smallholder farmers and neighboring communities, actively increasing biodiversity and sustainable land use practices. That’s how we can build economic opportunity while preserving flora and fauna habitats.

And the best part: A portion of the proceeds goes straight to the community. Village council members meet and decide how to best use those funds, building maternity wards, wells, and schools to bring opportunity to families in this remote area and make sure tree planting truly benefits everyone.


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Ecological benefits

  • 46% of project area dedicated to conservation
  • Works with local communities to prevent wildfires
  • Preserves habitats for flora and fauna
  • Monitors biodiversity benefits

Social benefits

  • Seedling distribution to neighboring communities
  • Provides employment for 340 people
  • Improves school infrastructure and develops health facilities
  • Offers community trainings for biodiversity conservation
  • Builds sustainable wells in the community
  • Promotes women's entrepreneurship

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